Service rates

Type of Service
Volumetric Weight and Price

The service price of the Parcel shall be calculated by the Volumetric Weight in case any dimensions of the Parcel exceed determined dimensions and sizes of the relevant type of Parcel. In case the service price of the Parcel is calculated by the Volumetric Weight and the weight exceeds the allowed weight of the Cargo, the service price shall be calculated with the relevant service price of Cargo + 1 GEL for every additional Kilograms.

On Door Delivery Limitation

If the weight of the parcel with the packaging exceeds 10 kg, pick up/delivery shall be carried out only from Building to Building in accordance of the existing address. In this case, if the address includes an apartment/unit located in building/premise, the parcel shall be picked up/delivered to the premise and not directly to/from the apartment/unit

Note: The prices exclude the service prices

Type of Service

Service description

Price (GEL)

Double visitIf the Sender sends the parcel to the Recipient’s address (with delivery to the address by a courier) with the service of the double, the courier shall visit the Recipient’s address double time, instead of the determined one-time visit for the purposes of the parcel delivery. In case of failure of deliver the parcel during the first visit, the courier shall a repeat visit to the Recipient’s address on the next working day. In case of non-delivery during the second visit, the terms of the “General Terms of Service” regarding the non-delivery of the package shall apply.50% of the same service price
Personal deliveryIf the sender sends the parcel to the Recipient’s address or/and with the pick up from the service center service, the company shall deliver the parcel personally to the recipient. Identification shall be made by the courier/operator with the ID card or/and any official identification document, in case of representative with the relevant power of attorney, where the content and will of the recipient is declared regarding to the authorization of the parcel delivery.30% of the same service price.
Storage for an additional periodThe company shall provide the storage of the parcel for an additional period of time, but no more than 30 days The price hereby is indicated for any additional storage day, calculated from the next day after the storage of free of charge is completed.20% of the same service price, minimum 1 GEL.
Proof of deliveryThe proof of delivery service means the possibility for the Sender to receive the information regarding to parcel delivery/non-delivery in service center or/and personally or/and on email. The information regarding to proof of delivery shall be delivered/sent to sender in accordance of the terms for the parcel delivery.5.00 GEL
Change of AddressThe change of Recipient, in case there is no changes regarding to address or/and the service center. Such changes shall be made before the parcel heads to the address. 3.00 GEL
Change of AddressThe change of the Recipient or/and the destination service center or/and the recipient’s address. The change of Recipient, in case there is no changes regarding to address or/and the service center. Such changes shall be made before the parcel heads to the address.Free of charge.
COD – Cash on delivery

(Cash on delivery)

Cash on Delivery (COD) means the service where the Recipient pays the determined price of the item and the delivery fees upon the delivery of the parcel Within the present service the fee of the delivery could be paid by the Sender. The sender receives the price of the item paid by the Recipient from the Company with the bank transfer, in case the parcel is delivered to the Recipient.2% of the item price, minimum 1 GEL
Insured ParcelThe parcel which is the subject of insurance and where the price of the parcel is declared in advance. The declared price by the customer shall not exceed 10,000 GEL5% of declared price.
PackagingProviding the packaging material to the sender for delivery service purposes.Parcel S-2.5 GEL

Parcel M-4.5GEL

Parcel L-6.5 GEL

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